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The water house helps families and municipalities or even big companies provide fresh and treated water, save money, and help the environment. How do you help the environment ? You cut the plastic waste by refilling your own bottle (plastic/glass, etc.)

What are the benefits ? a lot !
-Reduction : One regulator linked to water network allows the reduction of waste like plastic bottles, CO2 emissions and fuel used for transport;
-Practicality : You don't need any storage, local provider is a inexhaustible source of clean, controled and cold water;
-Environment protection : Why drink water who has been bottled weeks before and carryed hundreds of kilometers, when we can drink fresh water at km 0 ? ;
-Easy to install : Our water houses can be placed anywere. All you need is a safe place, one socket, a connection to water network and one at white water leak system.. and, your house is done in just one day;
-Security and quality : the water from water network never stops, so the risk of plastic influence to water is 0 ( no bottle storage ). Plus, the water who flows from our houses it's bacteriological free and it mantain the organoleptic and nutrition properties;
-The water house can provide fresh water at room temperature, cold water, and mineral water. (even alcalin);

Don t get bored, but let's look about some math about water in plastic bottles.
- You need to drink at least 2 Liters of water/per day;
- Italy is the 3th water consumer in the world and the first in Europe. In 2001 Italy consumed 155 Liters, in 2004 - 194 Liters and in 2007 - 205 liters;
- 80% of the consumed water is from the bottles. The majority of plastic bottles have 1.5 Liters (72%), 0.5 Liters (7%)..;
- Let s take the case in 2007, with 205 liters x 60 millions people = 12.300 billions Liters. (water);
- 12.300 billions liters of water x 80% = 9840 billions liters of water selled in plastic bottles;
- 9840 billions liters of water in plastic bottles x 72% = aprox. 7.080 liters of water in 1.5 bottles;
- A 1.5 L plastic bottle weighs aprox. 28 gr;
- 7.080 / 1.5 = 4720 billions of 1.5 L plastic bottles;
- 4720 x 28 gr = 132.160 tons of plastic;
- For the production of one plastic bottle in atmosfere are released aprox. 100gr of CO2;
- 4720 billions of 1.5 L bottles x 100 = 472.000 tons of CO2;
- We extracted oil, we synthesized molecule and printed one pre-form. Ok, but :
Where are the factories who make that pre-form ?;
How far are this factories from the bottling units ?;
How far are this bottling units from the storage centers ?;
How far are this storage centers from the central stores ?;
How far are this central stores from the selling point ?;
- The factories who make that pre-form are from Poland, Lithuania, Germany or even U.S.A.;
- That 4720 billions of 1.5 L bottles travel from pre-form to bottling aprox. 1416 km, then another 127 km to the store, and finally another 19 km to your house.;
- 1416 + 127 = 1543 km;
- A truck releases 1.700 g of emissions/per km (98% CO2);
- 1543 x 100gr CO2 x 98% = 2.57 tons/ truck;
- Each truck carry aprox. 20 tons of load, wich means 13.000 bottles of 1.5 L / truck;
- So, just for Italy, you need 360.000 trucks to carry that 4720 billions of plastic bottles;


Water connection requirements :
- drinking water;
- water for purification ( river, lake, fountain, ocean, salted or sweet ) ;
Filtration :
- Filtering system ;
- Filtering for heavy metals;
The Jetoniera ( token machine ) :
- Jetons/tokens in local coin and the price it's free to choose.
- Authorization from the City Hall;
- Full physicochemical analys of the water;
- Connection to the electrical network;
- Connection to the wastewater evacuation system.
Minimum requirements for connection :
- IN : ¾ tube, 1 bar pressure and flow 5L/minute;
- OUT : 32mm tube
- Electrical : 220V, 50Hz, 0.5 kW ;
Minimal production :
- Water at room temperature : 2 liters in 70 seconds;
- Cold water : 2 liters in 70 seconds;
- Cold mineral water : 2 liters in 70 seconds.
Required locations :
- Municipal areas ( crowded places ) ;
- Companies with a big number of employees;
- Industryal areas ( crowded ) .


Every system needs routine maintenance (replace the filtres, UV lamp, disinfection of refrigerant system);
Lack of maintenance leads to problems wich will be supported by the owner.
The guarantee is for 2 years only if the maintenance is done on time by Da Automazione Impiantistica or another authorized company, and, only if the parts who are replaced, are authorized by Da Automazione Impiantistica
Let's talk about the money !

Prices :
(varies depending on location, local water quality.. etc )

6.000 EURO600 EURO
1.000 EURO
10 EURO30 EURO50 EURO75 EURO0,02 - 0,03 EURO

PHONE: 0344.111.568
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