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S.C. Da Automazione Impiantistica S.R.L.                                            
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Set back a little and read with caution, maybe you will find too many things you will want to do with us.
Our main activities are :
Design and maintenance electric, pneumatic and informatics Robots and CNC;
Study and resolve mechanical and electrical problems of industrial CNC;
Retrofit industrial equipment for safety in work and majoring production;
Consulting and construction in industrial air systems;
Construction of industrial and civil electrical, mechanical and IT systems;
Design and maintenance of water installation;
Design and construction of clear water treatment and waste water treatment;
Giving good solutions at client request;

Vending and post-vending assistance for:
SANTERNO, Automation (Inverters, Converter AC/DC, asynchronous motors, inductance and Soft-Starters);
CASIT, Automatic doors  (industrial and civil automatic doors, automatic barriers) ;
CAM, Solutions for pneumatics ASSET / Systems for carbonating clear water;
Irrigation station 400KW;
Clear water treatments;
Maintenance during night of electrical cabinets with PLC;
Parametrizationof inverters;
Maintenance of CNC;
Projecting and developing ;
Administration office of DA Automazione Impiantistica srl ;
Technological container for water treatment ;
Electrical diagrams made with SPAC ;
3D Project for bag filter 25 micron ;
3D project for pumping system ;
Layout project for station made by DA AutomazioneImpiantistica srl with UF membrane ;
Taking probes of Ammonium filtration ;
PLC Programming starting from flux diagram ;
HMI Weintek;
HMI Kinco ;
PLC Siemens ;
PLC Wago ;
PLC Allen Bradley;
PLC Omron
Made by DA Automazione Impiantistica srl ;
Compact cabinet for pumping systems ;
Air ventilation cabinet 45KW ;
Electrical distibution cabinet, for 10000 m2 ;
Waste water electrical cabinet;
Electrical activity :
Mounting cable support  ;
Pneumatics and electrical construction ;
Team at work ;
Automation doors and everything else you want;
About water :
“House of water” made for outside;
Water dispenser for inside ;
Water dispenser for restaurants ;
Dedurizationfilter without salts ;
Team at training in Italy, ASSET ;
Mechanical constructions :
Rotary filter SS304 for waste water ;
Sand filter, made in steel ;
Pumping system for hot water, 400 m3h ;
container construction ;
6x5 meter doors, for truck access ;
Mechanical and biological plant ;
Reverse osmosis RO system;
Filter system on truck

PHONE: 0344.111.568
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Loc. Plopeni, Oras Plopeni, str. Patriei, nr.4, obiectiv 40, Incinta santier II, Jud. Prahova.
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